REAL LOVE: Proof of Concept Short Film

REAL LOVE is a feature film in development by Two Hands Productions and a proof of concept short film produced as Producer Selina Ringel and Director Dan Levy Dagerman's Thesis Film at the American Film Institute.  The short film, starring Christy Carlsen Romano and Max Decker, is a romantic comedy about a couples therapist who agrees to star in a reality show with her rockstar husband and finds herself fighting to save her own relationship as the producer shamelessly manipulates them to create drama for the show.

MAX DECKER and CHRISTY CARLSEN ROMANO on the set of REAL LOVE (Short Film '14)

MAX DECKER and CHRISTY CARLSEN ROMANO on the set of REAL LOVE (Short Film '14)

DP Valentina Martinico and Director Dan Levy Dagerman check out a take.

REAL LOVE (short film) was shot on location in Santa Clarita, CA and completed in 2014 with a crew of AFI fellows. The short was Produced by Selina Ringel, Directed By Dan Levy Dagerman, Written by Liz Kim, Cinematography by Valentina Martinico, Production Design by Anelisa Torruella, and Edited by Mike Aguilar.

The feature film REAL LOVE also a romantic comedy taking place behind the scenes of a reality show tells the story of Jen, an awkward but determined intern for a hip digital media company, who goes in undercover as a contestant on Celebrity Matchmaker to expose how producers manipulate them; only to fall in love with the rockstar they are competing for.

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